Three Effective Tips in Choosing the Right Kennel for Your Dog During this Winter

Elements such as rain, wind, and snow during the winter season can harm our dogs. It is important that we need to think about how to maintain their good health and keep them safe all the time. If they would be staying outdoor, make sure that they are nestled in a place that they are covered and protected from the weather elements. Provide them a shelter where they can stay safely and comfortably. An investment in a kennel will help to give them a proper shield. 

To choose the appropriate kennel for your dogs during winter, here are the things that you need to consider to keep them warm during winter:

  1. Size does matter – The dog kennel that you will buy must be a size that your dog is comfortable to walk, move, and sleep inside. If it is too small, you will leave him there uncomfortable and cramped. While if it is too large, you must split the area into two: its bedroom and its bathroom. Your pet may still be small for now, but consider buying a kennel that is fitted to its fully grown size. 
  2. Building materials – traditionally, we were using kennels made of wood or metal. There is no problem using these building materials aside from its being uneasy to clean and heavy to move. Nowadays, there are lightweight and durable materials being fond of using in terms of creating a dog kennel. These are made with the newer plastic materials that leave a warm temperature inside. It is also well-ventilated, insulated, easy to clean, and easy to move.

3. Location – in planning to buy a dog kennel, you must also plan where to put it. Be sure to choose a location that is well-sheltered, covered, and raised above the ground. It should be placed in a warm location during winter. And also keep it close to the house and make sure that your pet is given enough social interaction. Be sensitive to giving him a feeling of being unwanted every time he needs to be put into the kennel. 

While if you want your to stay inside during the winter, you may want to consider buying him an open kennel. This will also serve as a play place for your fur baby. If you have enough space inside your house, that would be much better rather than an outdoor kennel. Here, they would have a better social interaction and play time with you. But the only con in here is that their activities are limited in the open kennel.


Use these ideas to properly choose the right kennel for your dog. And you will surely be satisfied seeing your pet nestled in a comfortable and warm shelter.

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