Pet Clothing to Keep your Dog Warm this Winter

During winter, we love to stay on the side of the firepit at home, wearing sweaters, while drinking hot chocolates. It makes us feel comfortable in spite of the uncontrollable cold during this season. But as for our pets, they deserve a different treatment throughout the winter season. Because despite of their wooly hair, they still suffer from the cold. And not all of us know, they are also at risk of frostbite and hypothermia. A hypothermia is a medical emergency  that is caused by the prolonged exposures to very cold temperatures. This prolonged exposures causes the body to lose heat. It loses heat faster than it produced. As much as we want to protect our family, the same thing we want to do to our pets. And that makes us ask, what are the ways to keep them protected in the cold weather of winter?

A few of the effective ways to keep our pets stay warm and comfy in the time the cold winter are by giving them the right exercise and the proper beddings. 

  • Exercises make their body feel the warm, helps their system functional and gives workout to their internal body organs. 
  • Proper beddings like comfy bed and blanket inside will make them feel comfortable and warm during their sleep.

But staying indoor will make your pets exhausted and bored. Even though it is cold outside, take a little time to walk them daily. It may serve as a form of exercise and leisure at the same time. But doing that will make their ears, nose, and paws totally exposed. That is why it is important to equip them with the right gear before even going out. They should be wearing dog booties, eye protection gear, and dog winter jackets. Dog booties will help avoid their paws getting chapped and cracked. And their eye protection, to keep them from eye injuries like pannus.

While given below are the dog winter jackets that must be included in your list of best pet clothing during winter. 

  • Faux Fur-Lined Fleece Jacket – equip your dog with the stylish jacket before going out on the winter. The soft fleece in this jacket gives warm to the dog’s body. While the faux-fur lining’s purpose is keep its head to stay on the hood.    

  • Insulated Dog Parka – this winter jacket for dog may look bulky, but the materials used for this jacket is soft that will give your pet a comfortable feeling.


  • Deluxe Dog Coat – this winter gear is made with Teflon fabric for a dog jacket. As well as the Insulated Dog Parka, the exterior of the Deluxe Dog Coat is waterproof. It is also breathable, that makes it comfortable to use for a longer time. 

  • Vintage Ski Coat –  yes, dogs can’t ski, but they would love playing in the snow with their fur parents. And they would enjoy it more wearing this comfortable vintage ski coat with removable hood. It is made with a thermal insulation barrier to help regulate your pet’s body temperature.

  • Full-Body Dog Puffer Coat – This is different among the others. It is more of a snowsuit than a dog parka. Its special features are its anti-static properties, its capability of being proofed from water and wind. Aside from that, it has adjustable straps on each leg.

These winter jackets will not just support your dogs to be in style. It will also support them to feel warm and comfy. These are just a few of the best pet clothing for your dog to enjoy the winter season. Stay tuned for more gears that will complete your dogs fashionable winter style. 

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