Why Spend Money for Expensive Pet Food

If you are a new pet owner or maybe you haven’t had a pet to care for yet, you may be wondering why there are pet owners choose expensive foods rather than the cheaper ones. I was also a beginner pet owner and there were a lot of questions in my mind. Like, is expensive pet food really worth it? Does quality pet food make a difference? Does the brand of pet food really matter? Is premium pet food really better? and What’s wrong with cheap pet food why can’t I feed him with it? But as time goes by, I found the answers to my questions. 

An American non-profit consumer organization, the Consumer Reports, conducted a study and found that higher prices for goods or products are equivalent to better ingredients and quality control in the course of manufacturing. This means that expensive pet foods are served with better ingredients. Expensive foods contain a higher protein percentage that domestic pets like dogs need. Because they eat meat rather than plants and meat is the source of protein that their body needs. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot give your pets cheaper foods. You still can feed them cheaper foods, thus, expect that it does not provide the same amount of better ingredients, nutrients, and protein that they could get from the expensive foods. Cheap foods use cheap ingredients to make them affordable. There are even some food products use source of calories that will make our pets obese. We will think that they are gaining weight and that the affordable products made them look healthy. But the truth is, they are not getting enough nutrients just calories. 

And the brands of dog food do really matter. Branded foods follow the standard formulation in making pet foods. These are specially formulated with nutritional requirements for pets. It varies according to the breed of pet, their body weight, and age. So you must check carefully that the product you want to buy for your pet if it meets their nutritional needs. Sticking to one brand can help provide what your pet really needs. 

These branded products are certain to provide nutritious foods for your pets. If you want to give your pet the best, read carefully the nutritional facts that are written at the back of the box or pouch, gather some reviews, and look for the brand name itself. This is also the best way to know if your pet would be taking foods with content that is harmful to them. 

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